The Major Software Packages available via anonymous ftp from the Network Research Group at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Unless otherwise noted, the latest version of each package is named <package>.tar.Z (a compressed tarchive) and is found in the top level directory of the host ( Don't forget to set binary mode before retrieving. For each package, send bug reports and questions to <package>
An ethernet monitor program that keeps track of ethernet/ip address pairings. This package requires the bpf and libpcap packages.
A secondary bootstrap program used to boot a client over Ethernet. It uses the BOOTP protocol to obtain client and server info and NFS to load the boot image. This package is experimental and only supports SPARCstations (sun4c and sun4m). It can only be built on a SPARC runing 4.4 BSD.
The Berkeley Packet Filter. Contains kernel modules for HP BSD and SunOS 3 and 4. NB: Full OS kernel source is required for installation.
Compressed serial line ip package. Currently, the only supported systems are SunOS 3, SunOS 4 and 4 BSD.
Dynamic expire replacement for the netnews expire program.
A fast scanner-generator compatible with POSIX lex.
A language, interpreter, and C++ class library for building loosely-coupled distributed systems.
Packet Capture library. An uniform library interface to the packet capture systems including the Berkeley Packet Filter (BSD and SunOS), Data Link Provider Interface (Solaris and SYSV), Stanford Enetfilter (IBM RT/4.3BSD), Network Interface Tap (SunOS 3), Streams Network Interface Tap (SunOS 4), Packet Filter, and Snoop (IRIX).
A lint program for dns files. It performs various consistency and error checks on named(8) input files.
A directory containing a collection of papers on networking.
Pulse per second Streams module for SunOS 4. Allows accurate timestamping of timecodes for use with XNTP and other applications.
Session Directory. An X11-based audio teleconferencing tool.
A protocol packet capture and dumper program. This package requires requires the libpcap package.
Tests decimal <-> binary floating-point conversion for IEEE compliance.
A tftp daemon that handles multiple clients in a single server process.
Prints the route packets take to a network host.
Visual Audio Tool. An X11-based audio teleconferencing tool.
Distributed whiteboard. An X11-based multicast tool.
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