Butterfly carrying cases

What to put it in when you take it with you

IBM markets thirteen different cases for the ThinkPad line. Most of them are rather large but two are designed specifically for the Butterfly.

One is the "ThinkPad® 701 Leather Carryall Case" (TP70100) It's made by PORT, Inc and retails for $175. It features custom designed areas that hold the MultiPort II port replicator, power adapter, floppy drive, a spare battery and cables. You can operate the computer and floppy without removing them from the case.

The other PORT case made explicitly for the Butterfly is the "ThinkPad® 701 Leather Portfolio" (TP70200) which retails for $55. It wraps around the bottom, back, top and front leaving the sides exposed; for this reason it reminds me of a G-string.

It can be difficult to select a case without being able to look at them. There's an IBM glossy titled, "Personal Carrying Cases for ThinkPad®" (IBM #04H7808) that the folks at PC Direct were nice enough to mail to me. (A copy is also part of the standard literature that comes with a Butterfly.)

Another brand that some people say they like is the Wetsuit® line. They are made out of neoprene and come in lots of colors. The tags say a 2.0 is the right model to get for the ThinkPad 700 series but I've heard some people say these are rather tight. I've read the they vary in size so it might be best to see how it fits before buying one. For more information, contact:

Silicon Sports, Inc.
324 High Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(800) 243-2972
(415) 327-7900

I like having something big like the 701 Leather Carryall to use for commutating between home and work. But for travel I prefer to put just my naked Butterfly and a spare battery in my backpack.

One final note: Be careful when buying a third party carrying case; it is really annoying if the TrackWrite keyboard doesn't clear the edges of the case when you open it.

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