Butterfly disk

Small but expensive

The Butterfly is configured with three different disks; the 360 MB, 540 MB and 720 MB. (Note that IBM seems to have phased the 360 MB out.) The drive appears to the 2.5 inch "slim" format (i.e. 12.7 mm high) with an ATA-2 interface and a plastic caddy that allows it to lock into the side of the laptop. At this time it looks like the largest drive you get in this format is 2.1 GB. There are several 3 GB drives available but they are 19 mm high.

My Butterfly currently has a Toshiba MK1401MAV 1.44 GB drive in it. I simply swapped it into the old caddy and installed Windows 95 and FreeBSD from scratch. Note: You'll need a T6 Torx screwdriver to perform a caddy swap.

I'm told the Toshiba MK3205MAV also works in the Butterfly; the BIOS reports 28 MB but the system reconizes the true size.

Disks we have seen or used

Here's a list of 2.5 inch disk drives I have had experience with:

Vendor Model Size Supported by
IBM DMCA-21080 1080MB IBM 701, IBM 560
IBM DTNA-22160 2160MB IBM 701, IBM 560, Sony PCG-707
IBM DBOA-2360 360MB IBM 701
IBM DBOA-2540 540MB IBM 701
IBM DBOA-2720 720MB IBM 701
Toshiba MK1401MAV 1440MB IBM 701
Fujitsu M2714TAM 1080MB Norand 6622
Hitachi DK225A-21 2061MB Hitachi VisionBook Elite

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