Butterfly keyboard

This is what all the fuss is about

By far, the most important feature of the Butterfly (unless you're just an IBM zealot) is the keyboard. Even people who don't know jack about computers have heard about it.

Here's an IBM news item about the Butterfly's keyboard; it includes a video clip in formats including QuickTime TM and MPEG that shows show the TrackWriteTM expanding keyboard works.

Speaking of movies, there's also a nice QuickTime TM spinning Butterfly from W3-design .

IBM's Engineering Technology Solutions (ETS) organization gives a lot of details about designing the Butterfly. And IBM CATIA®-CADAM® Solutions gives suspiciously similar detals about Designing IBM's Revolutionary ThinkPad 701C Subnotebook Computer.

The Butterfly has one major thing in common with the Boeing 777 jetliner; the same CAD system was used to design both!

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