LBNL Network Research Group (NRG) Email

This is a collection of NRG email messages that are occasionally cited in publications. Many of the listings came from Rich Stevens' Home Page.


Paxson, V. 1995, "Re: Traceroute and TTL", Usenet, comp.protocols.tcp-ip Newsgroup, Message-ID <> Sept. 1995. 30% of measured Internet routes are asymmetrical.


Jacobson, V. 1994, "Problems With Arizona's Vegas", end2end-tf Mailing List, Mar. 14, 1994.


Jacobson, V. 1993, "Re: query about TCP header on tcp-ip", September 7, 1993, reposted by Partridge, C., ``Jacobson on TCP in 30 Instructions'', Usenet, comp.protocols.tcp-ip Newsgroup, Message-ID <>, September 8, 1993.


Jacobson, V., "more on tcp congestion control", comp.protocols.tcp-ip Newsgroup, Message-ID <>, February 23, 1988.

Jacobson, V., "Re: maximum Ethernet throughput", comp.protocols.tcp-ip Newsgroup, March 10, 1988.

Jacobson, V., "The Van Jacobson Classic messages on fast recovery/retransmit" . Courtesy of Bob Braden. 1987-1990 email, collected in message <199407201713.AA20911>, end2end-interest archives. This email message collects the following messages (some of which are duplicated elsewhere on this page):

Jacobson, V. 1988, "Some Interim Notes on the BSD Network Speedup", Usenet, comp.protocols.tcp-ip Newsgroup, Message-ID <>, July 20, 1988.

Jacobson, V. 1988, "4BSD TCP Ethernet Throughput", tcp-ip Mailing List, Oct. 24, 1988.

Jacobson, V. 1988, "Performance", Usenet, comp.protocols.tcp-ip Newsgroup, Message-ID <>, Nov. 23, 1988.

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