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This web page is primarily intended for use by our funding agencies, as additional documentation of the fact that our small research group does work that is useful both to DOE (the Department of Energy) and to the global Internet.

TCP Congestion Control:

The TCP congestion control algorithms from Van Jacobson's 1988 paper on Congestion Avoidance and Control (compressed postscript, pdf ) have been internet standards for some time. RFC 1122 on "Requirements for Internet hosts - communication layers" is an Internet Standard. Section of RFC 1122 requires that TCP MUST implement the slow start and congestion avoidance algorithms from that paper.

RFC 2001 on TCP Slow Start, Congestion Avoidance, Fast Retransmit, and Fast Recovery Algorithms, an Internet Proposed Standard, documents the slow start, congestion avoidance, fast retransmit, and fast recovery algorithms developed by Van Jacobson.

RFC 1323 by Jacobson, Braden, and Borman on TCP Extensions for High Performance is Experimental, and provides a set of TCP extensions to improve performance over high-speed and large bandwidth*delay product paths.

RFC 1144 ( postscript, text) by Jacobson on Compressing TCP/IP headers for low-speed serial links, a Proposed Standard, describes a method for compressing the headers of TCP/IP datagrams to improve performance over low speed serial links.

TCP Selective Acknowledgement Options: RFC 2018 on TCP Selective Acknowledgement Options is a Internet Proposed Standard.

Multicast routing, the Mbone, and conferencing tools and protocols:

Bruce Davies, Lab's connection to the MBone wins '95 R&D 100 Award, LBL Currents, July 14, 1995.

Kahn, Jeffery, Building the Internet's MBone: LBL's Van Jacobson a Principal Architect, LBL archives, December 9, 1994. Also available as Rolling Stones give boost to Internet conferencing venue: LBL researcher helped develop "M-Bone" LBL Currents, December 9, 1994.

RFC 2117 on Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode (PIM-SM): Protocol Specification is Experimental.

RFC 1889 on RTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications is a Proposed Standard.

The IP Multicast Initiative is a multi-vendor forum whose web pages document the place of IP Multicast in the current Internet.

Traffic measurement and modeling:

The TCP Implementation Working Group of the IETF is co-chaired by Vern Paxson.

The IP Performance Metrics Working Group of the IETF is co-chaired by Vern Paxson.

Vern maintains the Internet Traffic Archive.

Packet scheduling and queue management:

RED gateways (Random Early Detection Gateways)

CBQ (Class-Based Queueing, including link-sharing)

ATM Networks:

EPD (Early Packet Discard, a frame discard strategy for ATM switches);

Simulation tools for the network research community

The VINT project, based on the UCB/LBNL Network Simulator ns ( ns-1, ns-2);

Participation in the network research community:

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