The canonical game to work out your aggressions

DOOM comes from id Software Inc. and runs pretty well on a Butterfly. You can pick up the shareware release (and its readme) over via anonymous ftp from Walnut Creek CDROM.

The Butterfly's small VGA display isn't a problem here. In fact, it's a plus since DOOM was designed to run with this resolution; the CPU doesn't have to waste time replicating pixels.

The quality of the sound is good although I recommend using headphones if you want to get the stereo separation required for serious death match action.

You can play DOOM over the serial port, modem or LAN. We've tried using it over the IrDA port under Windows 95 but were unsuccessful. There are a number of programs that manage sessions over serial ports and modems. A good place to find auxiliary DOOM software is WWW.GAMERS.ORG (aka DoomGate).

If you want to play over the Internet, you'll probably want to check out iDOOM. The problem with it is that you probably will need to build a floppy that has the right kind of network setup to use it.

DOOM does not work on top of Windows 3.X; when you run it it hangs. However, it works ok if you boot to DOS and run it. It works fine on top of Windows 95. There is a Linux port available. I have not figured out if it will run under BSD/OS.

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