Note that Kerberos may not be distributioned outside the United States without the proper munitions license.

Kerberos under Unix

If you want to run Kerberos 4 under FreeBSD you need to build it from source. This is somewhat of a hassle as the Makefile in the /usr/src/secure tree aren't setup properly. I've found that it's necessary to add:
to it in order to build working Kerberos 4 clients and servers. Even then you must install /usr/lib/libkrb.a before building telnetd or else it won't have Kerberos support.

If you want to run Kerberos 4 under BSD/OS you can just install the "domestic" floppy. It contains binaries and source for the usual Kerberos 4 clients and servers.

If your Unix does not have Kerberos 4 support or you just want to build from source, Kerberos 4 source is available from The file README.KRB4 contains the name of on the current source directory (which changes from time to time to implement the export restrictions).

Kerberos 5 source is also available from As with Kerberos 4, the file README.KRB5_R1.0 contains the name of on the current source directory.

Kerberos under Windows

At this point, I have not found a kerberized telnet client for Windows. You can get the normal Kerberos 4 DOS clients from MIT.

General information

One place to look for more information is the Kerberos Users' FAQ. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have anything about PCs in it. You can also subscribe to the Kerberos PC User's mailing list.
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