Unix on the Butterfly

Unix is the OS of the minority

If you're one of those weirdos who does research, hacking, etc. then you probably want to run Unix on your Butterfly.

Having grown up hanging around the Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) at UC Berkeley, it's not surprising that BSD is my favorite kind of Unix. This is one main reason I prefer FreeBSD and BSD/OS over Linux. Another BSD based system is NetBSD.

Install Unix before Windows

If you're going to share your disk, it's important that you install Unix first. For one thing, Unix installation procedures are better at co-residency setup than those for most PC operating systems. Also, you won't know how to layout your FDISK partition until you install Unix.

Sharing a disk between Unix and Windows

If you are going to share your disk between Unix and some PC operating system, I highly recommend that you backup your preinstalled IBM ThinkPad software and zero the disk.

You should zero your disk to insure that the C: partition is initialized with the correct type of DOS filesystem. Also, the PC operating system installation will proceed with fewer hitches and the system will run better if it does not find any junk on the hard drive.

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